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    Gotta love robots with propellers.


    Aggressive Maneuvers:

    More Aggressive Maneuvers:

    Cool little acrobats aren't they?

    Please post your favourite robot videos.

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    Does anybody else think of Manhacks when they see videos like this?

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    @kettch: Gaah! That game left me so scarred, whenever I hear a high-pitched whiny sound like the ones those manhacks make when they show up, I have to fight an urge to duck and switch to the crowbar.

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    We don't go to Ravenholm...

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    Next up: this insane F1 simulator:

    Some folks at the Max Planck Institute having fun.

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    I love that robot arm game. Seems like it would make a much better flight sim though. Wink

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    But, I think robot arm is over done? All you need is a stable chair with 4 hydrolic pumps. And use gravity as force instead of real force. Then just tilt left when turning right. Stuff like that. Not super accurate, but, much more home acceptable.


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    @magicalclick: Irrelevant; that's a practical problem for any would-be buyer. This machine should be built and sold to theme parks in the first place.

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    Wonder what the battery life is on those things. Can't be that great.

    And I'm guessing that the robot arm video is demoing the Kinect 2? Tongue Out

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    @Bass: Next step: autonomous docking, battery exchange and battery recharge; Better Place for quadrotors.

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