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Propoganda designed to instill fear at Microsoft ;-)

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  • fanbaby

    Ok, the following comes from a Google fanboy, so take it with a grain of salt, but it's still intriguing:


  • wastingtime​withforums

    Hyperbole. The techland is full of "sure-tech" that got steamrolled by something unexpected. Android looks like the winner on mobile now, but I won't bet what the situation will be with it in the next several years. Let's not forget that Apple makes far more money with a system that has far less marketshare. A situation Google is certainly unhappy with. They got the greed-bug recently with Google-Apps, let's see what happens to Android.

    Aside the Android superiority musings, it's pretty clear to me that Metro as a whole just doesn't catch with consumers. I have to say that I have no problems with it on the phone (the desktop is another matter!), but I am not going to denial the obvious:

    Windows Phone 7 was a flop in terms of sales, plain and simple. Win Mobile did far better (despite the competiton from Palm and RIM). To say that Windows 8 reception has been mixed is the understatement of the century. And the new XBox Metro-like interface sparked outrage.. And don't even mention Zune and Kin! Almost all Metro products failed.

    It looks as if the majority of people simply DON'T LIKE METRO (the design). People like vivid user interfaces with 3D effects, lively graphics and icons and millions of colors. Metro is the complete opposite of it. A GUI philosophy around credos like "Typography is beautfiful", "flatness", "no chrome at all costs" and "modernism" (minimalism) might be hip with the bleeding edge fashionistas - that's why WP7 got tons of design awards, yet sells like icecream in Antarctica - but it seems to repel the average user.

    Can anyone explain to me why they hold on to this design with such zeal and continue to shove it everywhere? It would take probably far less time to design something else and more appealing for the most people (proof), than go through this Metro-march of tears for years now. The way Microsoft is stubbornly holding on to Metro, despite its performance in the market, is not rational anymore.

    I don't want to offend the Windows Phone enthusiasts here, but the fact is that a smartphone for most people is basically a mobile game console. They want to drown in COLOR-PORN on it not feel enlightened by avantgarde art. Maybe Metrophone is indeed artistically "better" on some level, but most people prefer the simple and effective color bombardment of iPhone and Android.

  • Ray7

    Where do you start....?

    Why do people assume that a lost phone sale is lost forever, when most buyers are on two year contracts?

    Despite it's runaway sales (at the cheap end), Android phones do not command the largest presence in web traffic and do not command the largest share in app sales. This tells me that outside the diehard fans, Android doesn't command that much brand loyalty.

    Bold prediction time: I expect Microsoft to build market share in two year spurts.


  • figuerres


    One thing that the Google / android folks will have to deal with will be the legal issues when they have to much of the market and to many vendors are selling android gear.

    it just might turn out a lot like what MS went thru.

    dumping a product at below the cost of creating it and getting so many OEM's to make it the default on the devices and so on .... not exactly what MS did but there are some common things in the mix that could spell trouble for them down the road.

  • evildictait​or

    Awww man, not another year when Windows is going to fail on the desktop? I mean, it's been scheduled to fail every single goddam year since I can remember - certainly every year since at least 2002.

    No offence to Google, but Google still has no foothold on general computing devices or anywhere in industry. It's still just a big advertising company which is good at internet searches and videos of hilarious cats and people hurting themselves. Sure they own a variety of other tools that are nice, but they all have a tendency to change or get canned without consulting their userbase (remember Google Wave?)

    People in industry are scared of relying on Google. Because Google are unreliable and have a nasty habit of abusing user's privacy to gain commercial advantage. In fact, Google are now pretty much as evil as Microsoft was before the EU got involved and started kicking Microsoft down a few pegs.

    Sadly, until Google realizes that they need to make their products good, reliable and that the profit should be based on something other than opening and reading personal emails and documents, then sadly Google won't ever move into Industry.

    And until people see something other than Microsoft at work, Google don't have a lolcat-in-hell's chance of defeating Microsoft on the desktop.

  • magicalclick

    I will wait and see how Win8 fair in the new era of personal computing because MS was losing its grip in the concept of personal computing for a long time.

    Personally I am not impressed with Win8 and WinPh8. But, at least MS is trying to get back to the personal computing crowd. It will take a long time to get back the lose of those next-gen personal computing market, but, if MS is able to keep improving Win8 and WinPh8 at agile pace, I think MS can still maintain its place in consumer OS market.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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  • gcorcoran

    Personally I think they should try to be on a lower cost ($200?) device that would be on one of the no contract providers to get out there. College kids that want a smartphone but can't stay on a pricey contract? Grab a windows phone.

    Then make sure it's good enough that when he gets a decent paying job he decides to stick with the brand.

  • Bass


    Good stuff as usual. Thanks for posting.

    I agree with the premise that Google owns the future. I think even Apple is screwed in the long run.

    Also, Google Apps revenue seems to be growing. As far as corporate customers are concerned, Google is still leaving a lot of money on the table IMO.. they can definitely improve in this regard.

  • evildictait​or

    , Bass wrote

    I think even Apple is screwed in the long run.

    In the long run we are all dead.

  • brian.​shapiro

    , Bass wrote

    I agree with the premise that Google owns the future. 

    Machines own the future, and humans live underground, like worms.

  • Bass


    Near future. But yeah ultimately you are right. Smiley

  • fanbaby

    , evildictait​or wrote

    It's still just a big advertising company which is good at internet searches and videos of hilarious cats and people hurting themselves  ....... Google don't have a lolcat-in-hell's chance of defeating Microsoft on the desktop.

    I think many analysts  who raised an eyebrow when Google bought YouTube are eating their hat many times over.

    YouTube - the wisest buy of the century, and if you don't see it, good for you. The only thing that would have topped that would have been if Google managed to buy Facebook.

  • evildictait​or

    , fanbaby wrote


    I think many analysts  who raised an eyebrow when Google bought YouTube are eating their hat many times over.

    YouTube - the wisest buy of the century, and if you don't see it, good for you. The only thing that would have topped that would have been if Google managed to buy Facebook.

    I'm one of those old-school types, who thinks that a company has value only when it has a clear way of making money.

    YouTube was bought for $1.65bn in 2006. It still does not charge for content which is insanely expensive for Google to stream out to all of it's customers, and in 2008 (the only year I could find figures for it independent of Google's other figures) it lost $470m in-year despite having a revenue of nearly $1bn.

    Facebook also floated on the stock exchange for $104bn. In third quarter 2012 it made a loss of $57m, and the previous year 2011 it made only $227m - i.e. less than 0.3% of it's valuation in profit (and since most of that was raised by selling shares, it's a pretty spurious profit too).


    Let's put that in perspective. Microsoft made as profit in the three months to September 2012 a stonking $4.5bn. And their shares dropped because it was 22% lower than the same period the previous year.

    In 2011, Apple took home $8.2bn to the bank in profit. That's not revenue. That's profit.


    So no, as a cold-blooded capitalist, I don't really see Google and Facebook as good examples of companies that Microsoft should be worried about. When they start making real money, rather than just being able to raise money on the stock market, then, and only then should Microsoft be worried that the market is shifting.

    If I were boss of Microsoft, I'd be looking at Google and Facebook as wannabes. It's companies like Amazon and Apple that I'd be worried about. For one, they know how to make money.

  • Ian2

    Well, I skim read that article and 'hyperbole' sums it up pretty well.

    My own 'real world' experience of how the Windows Phone platform is doing is different:

  • bondsbw

    , WTFH wrote

    8,788 sold

    Newsflash, a no name factory in China just outsold the biggest software company in the world on eBay with absolutely no marketing budget what so ever.

    In a single day. The author is quite correct. Give Google engineers some credit. They really are smart. Like them or not.

    Ok, so now we can compare selling crappy $70 tablets with selling good $500+ tablets?  Even though Windows 8 has just been released, and has yet to finish even a single holiday season, when competing with an tablet OS that has 2 years of experience?

    As an owner of an Android tablet, I can attest that Windows 8 apps are leaps and bounds ahead in usability over Android apps.  Most Android apps, even many of the popular ones, are still just phone apps.  They are quite bad on the tablet form factor.  Windows 8 apps were made for tablets first, and people will begin to notice it.

    My bet:  for holiday season 2013, at your local Best Buy, you will see all available iPad models, 2 or 3 true Android tablets (not including Amazon), and about 5 or 6 Windows 8 tablets.  Not to mention the 20 laptop models running Windows 8, and about 15 desktop models.

  • Blue Ink

    , WTFH wrote

    Trying to pass off surface as a premier Apple like offering worthy of a premium price, then telling everybody that they have to migrate from a competitor's product on the home page of your website == fail.


    If it was really a $500 product, then the SDK would stand by itself without trying to desperately migrate people. Even Android doesn't do that and it's $70 bucks.

    Please, please, please migrate to our SUPER high priced product. please.

    How can it possibly fail now?

    Seriously? You can do better than this.

  • kettch

    @WTFH: They aren't telling anybody that they have to migrate. They are showing developers how they can expand their reach. Two very different concepts.

  • evildictait​or

    , WTFH wrote

    ... a culture of repression and fear ...

    Aww. You still upset about failing the job interview?

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