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View Thread: Propoganda designed to instill fear at Microsoft ;-)
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    Awww man, not another year when Windows is going to fail on the desktop? I mean, it's been scheduled to fail every single goddam year since I can remember - certainly every year since at least 2002.

    No offence to Google, but Google still has no foothold on general computing devices or anywhere in industry. It's still just a big advertising company which is good at internet searches and videos of hilarious cats and people hurting themselves. Sure they own a variety of other tools that are nice, but they all have a tendency to change or get canned without consulting their userbase (remember Google Wave?)

    People in industry are scared of relying on Google. Because Google are unreliable and have a nasty habit of abusing user's privacy to gain commercial advantage. In fact, Google are now pretty much as evil as Microsoft was before the EU got involved and started kicking Microsoft down a few pegs.

    Sadly, until Google realizes that they need to make their products good, reliable and that the profit should be based on something other than opening and reading personal emails and documents, then sadly Google won't ever move into Industry.

    And until people see something other than Microsoft at work, Google don't have a lolcat-in-hell's chance of defeating Microsoft on the desktop.