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View Thread: Propoganda designed to instill fear at Microsoft ;-)
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    , WTFH wrote

    8,788 sold

    Newsflash, a no name factory in China just outsold the biggest software company in the world on eBay with absolutely no marketing budget what so ever.

    In a single day. The author is quite correct. Give Google engineers some credit. They really are smart. Like them or not.

    Ok, so now we can compare selling crappy $70 tablets with selling good $500+ tablets?  Even though Windows 8 has just been released, and has yet to finish even a single holiday season, when competing with an tablet OS that has 2 years of experience?

    As an owner of an Android tablet, I can attest that Windows 8 apps are leaps and bounds ahead in usability over Android apps.  Most Android apps, even many of the popular ones, are still just phone apps.  They are quite bad on the tablet form factor.  Windows 8 apps were made for tablets first, and people will begin to notice it.

    My bet:  for holiday season 2013, at your local Best Buy, you will see all available iPad models, 2 or 3 true Android tablets (not including Amazon), and about 5 or 6 Windows 8 tablets.  Not to mention the 20 laptop models running Windows 8, and about 15 desktop models.