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View Thread: Propoganda designed to instill fear at Microsoft ;-)
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    Hyperbole. The techland is full of "sure-tech" that got steamrolled by something unexpected. Android looks like the winner on mobile now, but I won't bet what the situation will be with it in the next several years. Let's not forget that Apple makes far more money with a system that has far less marketshare. A situation Google is certainly unhappy with. They got the greed-bug recently with Google-Apps, let's see what happens to Android.

    Aside the Android superiority musings, it's pretty clear to me that Metro as a whole just doesn't catch with consumers. I have to say that I have no problems with it on the phone (the desktop is another matter!), but I am not going to denial the obvious:

    Windows Phone 7 was a flop in terms of sales, plain and simple. Win Mobile did far better (despite the competiton from Palm and RIM). To say that Windows 8 reception has been mixed is the understatement of the century. And the new XBox Metro-like interface sparked outrage.. And don't even mention Zune and Kin! Almost all Metro products failed.

    It looks as if the majority of people simply DON'T LIKE METRO (the design). People like vivid user interfaces with 3D effects, lively graphics and icons and millions of colors. Metro is the complete opposite of it. A GUI philosophy around credos like "Typography is beautfiful", "flatness", "no chrome at all costs" and "modernism" (minimalism) might be hip with the bleeding edge fashionistas - that's why WP7 got tons of design awards, yet sells like icecream in Antarctica - but it seems to repel the average user.

    Can anyone explain to me why they hold on to this design with such zeal and continue to shove it everywhere? It would take probably far less time to design something else and more appealing for the most people (proof), than go through this Metro-march of tears for years now. The way Microsoft is stubbornly holding on to Metro, despite its performance in the market, is not rational anymore.

    I don't want to offend the Windows Phone enthusiasts here, but the fact is that a smartphone for most people is basically a mobile game console. They want to drown in COLOR-PORN on it not feel enlightened by avantgarde art. Maybe Metrophone is indeed artistically "better" on some level, but most people prefer the simple and effective color bombardment of iPhone and Android.