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Putting .NET application on Cloud, like MS Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and charge for its usage?

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    I was wondering if anybody has documented how best to put a .NET commercial application on the Cloud and being able to charge for its usage.   I assume that porting MS Office to the Cloud has brought a lot of good lessons the Microsoft is willing to share.   This warrants a book or two.

    I am not taking about web application here, but rather applications with complexe and real-time user-interfaces and that require fast user response like CAD application or very elaborate video games with full 3D user-interfaces.   It's the type of application that are best executed on the user machine with some parts on the Cloud so as not to allow users to pirate the software.

    Let's suppose that the application is built around XNA.   Can we easily put that applicaton on the Cloud and charge users on a per month basis?

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    @cp10000: I don't think there are any restrictions on charging for usage, but there is no built-in mechanism that I know of.

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    If you use a Windows Azure Hosted VM, it's exactly the same as putting it on any other infrastructure. You write a .NET app that interacts with the world via TcpClients (or similar) and other applications connect to your external Windows Azure IP address or domain name.

    You can design the protocol between the two - there are no restrictions as to what packets you broadcast out or receive in - so long as it's legal.

    There is no restrictions as to what you can charge other people to use your application; however managing your clients, safely processing payments and so on are all down to you. Microsoft won't (by default) provide you with a way of taking payments from customers.

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