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View Thread: Quantitative analysis of Office Ribbon UI productivity and Windows 8 predictions
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    ,PaoloM wrote

    @androidi:Is there a reason why you're posting an article from April when we've already seen (and Sinofky already commented at length about) the most recent UI?

    Wow. You almost make Sinsfsky sound like Jobs. Never question the great master... Unfortunatly the ribbon is still the ribbon.

    While I think the ribbon in an improvement is many ways I do think:

    1. The notion that it was ever meant for a touch interface is fraudulant at best. Microsoft threw that little "fact" in there when they originally were pushing the toolbar to try and help justify it's existance. Now that the interfaces of iDevices has become to prefered you never hear them talking about that anymore because it's complete rubbish.
    2. I have no doubt the empiracle usage data was useful in organizing the ribbon. That said in the particular case of "print" I doubt that was the only criteria for print. Again IMO I suspect that it was in Microsoft's best interest to keep things digital so they can sell more OS and Office licenses for phones, tablets, and laptops. Why take a printout to a meeting when you can take the document via your phone? Consider this my Glenn Beck moment.

    All-in-all while the organizational nut in me admires the efforts of the ribbon to help the user get work done more quickly as a user of the ribbon for many years I still struggle in finding what I need in Office and other ribbonized apps.

    What I'd rather perfer is something that is much more context oriented (as seen in the 2019 video) and backed up by voice commands. Microsoft has had some great ideas but they never seem to bring a game changer to market. Instead their bar seems to be "good enough" which results in their "also ran" products like WP (mango included).