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View Thread: Quantitative analysis of Office Ribbon UI productivity and Windows 8 predictions
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    Actually, using the toolbar, you need to drag your mouse first, then click. were as you could just memorise every command as a keyboard shortcut and save more time.

    I see the whole Toolbar vs. Ribbon as a classic design problem of "Less is Less". Yes the tool bar takes less clicks to find things, but finding a function in a wild nest of menus and context menus can be frustrating to anyone who hasn't spent a lot of time memorising the where everything is. The only reason the Ribbon was developed was in response to the toolbar system in office becoming overrun with to many items. The original design for the toolbar specified that toolbars shouldn't contain more than 7 items for usability. Although the Ribbon is more taxing on people who've learned to use the toolbar very efficiently, I don't think the toolbar is appropriate today, or going forward, as consumers expect easier and more self explanatory user interfaces.