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View Thread: Quantitative analysis of Office Ribbon UI productivity and Windows 8 predictions
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    Judging from the comments, the Ribbon UI will drive users to learn keyboard shortcuts. That's actually welcome, as long as the UI offers easy way to find the shortcuts. Maybe we can one day move to a mouseless desktop. The ribbon might be also better for using "eye based mouse" as everything can be bigger than in the toolbar menus.

    Keeping hands on the keyboard and using eyes to point and a left/right "mouse" buttons" below the space bar in the keyboard could actually be a working solution for apps designed to support that.

    Of course further development would be to include some kind of brain-activity correlation algorithm, that can learn (like joystick calibration) which of the small icons next to each other you are thinking while looking. So it doesn't really read your thoughts but can help the eye tracking algo to make distinction when there is uncertainty about what icon you are looking.