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View Thread: Quantitative analysis of Office Ribbon UI productivity and Windows 8 predictions
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    @evildictaitor: The heaviest usage of Word is probably business usage, where documents are generally not printed. Instead they are e-mailed and shared on network shares or SharePoint type servers. So the speculation may not be entirely BS. Combine the fact that most documents probably aren't printed with the fact that most people probably use Ctrl+P and not a menu/toolbar button and the fact that Print is buried three clicks deep doesn't mean a whole lot, IMHO.

    I love the Ribbon in Office. It actually organized the mess of commands in a functionally usable manner for me. That said, I also don't think the Ribbon is appropriate most of the time. The inclusion in the latest version of Paint, for instance, is rather lame. They had to work hard to make it look like 2 tabs were needed there, and the end result is something that needlessly uses vertical space when it would have been more appropriate to continue using the horizontal space where there's more space to begin with. I'm skeptical of the Ribbon in the Win 8 Explorer. It may work if it's carefully designed, but only becuase I can minimize the Ribbon. The "default" with the fully expanded Ribbon is certainly bad, here, as again valuable vertical space is being "wasted". I hardly ever use the menu in Explorer today, so using more vertical space is really not something that's needed. Having watched non-power users, I don't see them using the menu either, so claiming this to be a power user bias sounds wrong to me. The only things non-power users do in Explorer are find items, open them (double-click) and copy/move them (drag drop and/or cut/copy/paste via the keyboard or the context menu).