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    ,vesuvius wrote

    @cbae: I have complained voiceferously for the last 4 or so months with not as much as an answer from Microsoft, and I now need to suggest what they can do to make me stay, on top of several thousand pounds that I have paid in licenses to them this year gone?

    I think you are forgetting who it is that pays Microsoft wages, and British companies like a lot of others pay 2 to 3 times as much as you do, times are hard and money is hard to come by, as someone that has developed exclusively for windows for the last decade, if they cannot see the reasons for exodus, then they are a greater company than I. Please be sure to check how long I have hung around in these forums.

    It was pretty clear from the get-go that Microsoft wasn't going to address any individual concerns until Build. Right or wrong, that was Microsoft's intent, and it was obvious that 4 months of vociferousness and threats to abandon Microsoft's developer ecosystem weren't going to cause Microsoft to change its plan. I'm pretty sure that Microsoft knows that it burned some bridges, perhaps a lot of them, over the past few months. They're now giving you an opportunity to tell them how they can win you back. They can't read your mind. If you think they need to grovel, give you free $hit for life, contractually promise never to pull this $hit again, and say "pretty please", then you need to let them know that.

    If you have no interest in going back to Microsoft development, go build your Java application or whatever and destroy your competitor's .NET solution in the marketplace. Taking one last swipe at Microsoft isn't going to do $hit. What's done is done.