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    1. Background: I'm a CIO of a primarily Microsoft shop.We've migrated a lot of our VB6 apps to WPF and Silverlight at great cost and frustration over the past three years.We really hoped our investment in Silverlight would give us some reach to the web while providing the richness and complexity our applications need. This year we've also started projects developing LOB client apps on iOS and Android tablets and phones in order to lower costs and increase productivity (and with great success I might add). Many of our workers don't need Office and on the occation that they do a remote desktop session to a server farm would be fine. Now I'm told that like WinForms, Silverlight and WPF are being phased out; that Silverlight's reach is being curtailed in favor of web apps.Why should I continue building LOB apps using Microsoft technologies when my need for the Windows desktop, Office, et al is fleeting?
    2. What happens to Windows Phone when Windows 8 replaces it on phones? Related: what happens to Windows Phone applications? Will they be compatible or deprecated like WinMo applications were?
    3. What is the benefit of putting Window 8 on a phone? If the answer is so you can run Office and all of your productivity apps then they phone will be slow and have poor battery life; in order to maintain app compatibility much of Windows must remain intact. How do you explain this contradition?
    4. Is Microsoft planning to support developing for Android, iOS, and other platforms with its development tools and frameworks? If so please detail what platforms are being targeted and by what languages and frameworks?
    5. What are Microsoft's plans for WPF & Silverlight? Do Silverlight desktop apps replace WPF altogether? Will you continue to support and grow Silverlight on the web (including support for other OS's and browsers other than Microsoft's)?