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Questions to ask the Gadgeteer team

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  • Clint

    Hey guys, some niners asked for an update from the gadgeteer team and I was wondering if there was any questions you would want me to ask. 

    If you aren't sure what the Gadgeteer actually is, check out my post from a few months ago.

  • Bass

    Can they compare Gadgeteer to Arduino? What is similar and different between them?

  • Clint

    From my perspective, they are totally different beasts.  Netduino / Fez boards which run NETMF would be a better comparison.  Those actually can use arduino shields too.

    Gadgeteer to me is more like a LEGO mindstorm, you plug in the sensor and it just works.  You lose a degree of flexibility but you gain speed along with reduce complexity in the prototype environment.

  • Bass

    Well mostly I'd just like to learn more about .NET Gadgeteer as an up and coming open source gadget platform in general. Arduino/Netduino seems like a good baseline for comparison since they've been around longer, but in any way can they can explain to us what Gadgeteer is capable of in more than "tech demo" level would be awesome.

  • PerfectPhase

    I'd be intreasted to know what their thoughts on Google's Android@home plans anounced at Google IO, as I see the whole 'internet of things' prime targets for Gadgeteer and .NetMF 

  • dahat

    I've seen .NET Gadgeteer a couple of times at internal events and have always asked the same question... "When can I buy this stuff?"

    Since it's been 7 months since that Q was asked here last... I'll ask it again... When can I buy this stuff?!?!!?

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