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R.I.P. Benoit Mandelbrot

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    mandelbrot set

    Going back 20 years, one of my favorite DOS programs was Fractint, I spent a lot of time changing parameters and rendering fractals. At the time, it was one of the few applications that used the screen to actually display graphics. I remember enjoying the Julia and Mandelbrot sets. Has anyone else here used it?


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    Blue Ink

    @JoshRoss: Yes, along with several others. Considering we just lost Martin Gardner, it's being a bear of a year.

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    @JoshRoss: I remember watching my Amiga take forever to calculate fractals.

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    That's a shame. I know I was fascinated with the mandelbrot zoom program on my Atari ST as a kid.

    Also, I guess now the last verse of this song is kind of out of date.

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    WOW... Yea i loved Fractint

    and i have an old book on how to write IFS code somewhere....

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    His contributions to mathematics will last forever. I know his work sparked deep interest in math for me when I was young. There are still many new discoveries his work will lead to.

    Rest in peace, Benoit and thank you.


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    The other day I came across a couple of options in Paint.Net that I hadn't noticed before.  Under Effects->Render  Wonder if these are the most accessible examples of his work today?


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    Is there a version of Fractint that will work under Windows 7 64 bit and make use of the colour pallet?

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