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    My Macbook Pro came today and it's simply the fastest most awesome laptop I've ever had.

    Lion is stunning.

    I have a Mac Mini I bought from the Apple store in March of this year but didn't want to upgrade from Snow Leopard so seeing Lion for the first time was inspiring. I also had an 27" iMac in the office back when I was up north in hell, I mean Canada. Macs have come a long way since then.

    I hope I can demand perfection without worrying about timelines, budgets or business plans one day too. Only somebody who is truly a pirate can laugh off business people like Steve did, even when he was fired from Apple.

    Steve showed that success isn't about meeting quotas or coming in under budget, or being a good MBA. It's about disregarding the business side of things and focusing on products and services regardless of the consequences.

    It was only fitting that his company should have the largest market cap of all, and he went out at the top.