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    Don't forget the CUBE. Steve Jobs was also on the forefront of advanced server and network hardware architecture at a time when people did not even know about laptops or mobile phones. He put 10, 100, 1000 and Bluetooth on old G4 laptops. He pioneered the hardware side of the Industry and was the only American entrepreneur who made a dent. He foresaw the distributed computing side of the market and understood the artistic selling points better than anyone else because he was one himself. iTunes made Apple and pushed the entire World into wireless network upgrades from old phone systems, leading to video, laptops, smart phones and now iPads and other flat touch UI. He paved the way. Imagine what he might have accomplished in the next 25 years had his energetic life not ended so soon! He was also very kind to other entrepreneurs, very human. He was full of ambitious plans when he left Apple and created NEXT. It seems his only real vacation was the few weeks when he was not working while dying of cancer. To the young boy in overalls working in his garage, may your journey into the other side be as exciting as your life was. Angel