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    Google is also showing it's respects on their homepage today.

    No matter what you think of his products, his management or his company, you have to hand it to him, he remains one of the most influential pioneers in modern computing.

    His legacy is a multi-billion dollar company - the most valued US technology giant for several months now - and one that pervades society with their products. His company has been one that took ordinary items and made them into fashion icons. Microsoft might have more desktop-share, but Apple computers were the first to say "computers shouldn't just be functional, you should enjoy looking at and using them".

    He completely reinvented the walkman with the ipod, making it easier and nicer to use, and although other companies got there before, Apple was the company that made pay-to-download tracks work, making the ipod not only the best digital music device on the market, but also the one with the biggest selection of tracks. It really deserved to beat the competition and it brought Apple back to the fore of technology.

    Steve Jobs also completely reinvented the mobile phone with the iphone - previously they were for making calls - now they are for watching TV, browsing the web, sending emails and playing games. Again there were forerunners, but nothing as integrated and complete as the IPhone, and the business model of the AppStore again something that Jobs invented and has made the company billions.

    Apple are still at the fore - the IPad is the one of the most expensive fondle-slabs on the market, and in cost per hardware it's not that great compared with some of its competitors, but it's outselling all of the rest of the market four-to-one because Apple was there first, they have the biggest selection of Apps and it's brand image is solid.

    Jobs' influence goes well beyond Apple. The way most smartphones on the market work is based on the IPhone. All MP3 players look to the IPod as their point-of-reference and even the design of Windows8 is largely informed by the idea that people might have tablets in future - a market almost entirely invented by Jobs, and nobody can doubt that the Android AppStore, the XBox store, the PlayStation3 store and the Windows8 AppStore aren't basically attempts to emulate the massive business success of the IPhone's AppStore.

    Ultimately it's a sad thing that Jobs is gone because it means that the world has lost one of its chief desktop consumer electronics innovators - someone whose reputation stands next to Alan Turing and Charles Babbage as a man in the driving seat and setting the direction of the modern computer revolution.