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    I'd love it if a company would put out a dock that would let any tablet use something like their gamepad controller. Kinda like this one for phones but more like Razer's implementation.

    As much as I think the Surface Pro (and similar) will be a hit I'm starting to wonder if phablets, docks, and streaming will cause tablets to be left on the coffee table again (at least for those that aren't using the tablet as a laptop replacement.) This video shows the extensible of the Galaxy Note II. At around 19:50 and beyond he covers turning it into a computer terminal. 

    I think HTC is on the right track with a 7 inch WinRT tablet that can be used as a phone too.  I'd love to go between work and home with my computer in my pocket. Dock it to monitor/mouse/keyboard and get crackin! If I needed more power I'd remote into a virtual machine with more horsepower.

    Another approach would be to take the RDP published applications approach. This works right now with W8RT from what I understand but I'd love it if they extended it to Android and IOS.