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    , 01001001 wrote

    Web Deploy is not an option and neither is FTP. I need to manually copy over the files. I do not see assemblies in the IIS website folder on the remote so I assume they are somewhere else.

    They're usually in bin directory. It's very rare they'd be elsewhere, as that would indicate they're GACed and that is a daft idea.

    , 01001001 wrote

    Also do I need to restart the site after deploying assemblies for .NET MVC deployment?

    No, but you should create an app_offline.htm file first, before you copy, then delete it after. That'll ensure no-one can connect.

    , 01001001 wrote

    I am asking because when I rebuild the site in visual studio, the changes are instant on the local VBox server. Will the running IIS site pick up the new data schema, ect... w/o a restart?

    That's because the app root in IIS is pointing to the development project folder. You won't need to reboot, the app pool should restart automatically for you.