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Really bad Bing and Nokia maps behavior

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     When searching for a business on an area of a map, Bing/Nokia Maps seems to zoom out all the way to the City Level and show the businesses matching the search criteria on the zoomed out map. Why not just show the businesses in the area I am looking at. Zooming out to the city level is extremely annoying. At the minimum you loose your point of reference and at the worst you may not even see the current location point hidden behind all the bubble indicators of  your search criteria. 

    Zoom out to a certain extent (enough to show top 3 matches) only if the current area I am looking at is too small such that it doesn't contain even one match.

    I agree that the List view on the side could contain full exhaustive matches.

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    @Srikanth_t: It seems that it stays zoomed in if you search for a category, like "dry cleaners". But if you search for a specific company it zooms out to show the top ten results.

    Inconsistent at best. I agree that they should fix it. Why don't you contact the Bing team, or post on the support forums? Channel 9 really isn't the right place for this kind of feedback.

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    Try uservoice instead. Other support sites looks so ugly and 1998.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    @Srikanth_t: HI Srikanth.  I can get this feedback to the maps teams.  Which client (, win phone, win8, etc.) and market (en-us, en-gb, etc.) are you using?


    PS.  My "Microsoft" badge never shows up in posts because of a legacy C9 issue.  I really am an FTE.

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    @kriskdf:  Hi Kris, I noticed this on and on Nokia Lumia 900 windows phone at a local AT&T store in Dallas, Texas. Hope this helps.

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