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Redhat's Project Ceylon

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    I'm glad that someone has taken some initiative and came up with something to address the underling design deficits of the Java language. Too bad it had come down to this. It amazes me that a language as neglected as Java can retain such a following.


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    Java is popular because it's simple to use and understand (thus train people to use it) and has a well supported toolchain and ecosystem. There has been multiple attempts to write Java-killers both on the JVM (Scala, Groovy, etc.) and off (C#, VB.NET) and yet Java continues to go strong despite not changing all that much language-wise since 1996. I don't expect this to change any time soon. Despite all of the faults Java has no compelling alternative exists that would cause a mass migration. Red Hat's Ceylon is no different.

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    Interesting Josh; thanks.  I took a look at the article, but I'll have to look at the slides later, to understand "its syntax for passing optional named parameter values into methods lends itself well to creating declarative domain-specific languages".

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