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Registered IO samples

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    I am in the business of developing low latency and high frequency trading apps where millions of messages are exchanged between various computing nodes. So far I have been using overlapped IO sockets with IO completion ports. Since, windows 8 came out with Registered IO, I started experimenting with it. So far, I could successfully receive multicast data through RIOReceive, but RIOSend and RIOSendEx are failing with winsock error 10022 (Invalid argument).

    I have gone through MSDN documentation on Registered IO which is minimal so far and there were no working samples that I could find. Also, there isn't much literature/discussion on this new API anywhere.

    How can I go about getting help with Registered IO API?


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    I agree - nothing found (except very brief descr in msdn) on RIOSendEx. Do you keep a pool of RIO_BUF structures in order to send packets out? Perhaps a list of them? Take first out when calling RIOSendEx and put it back on completion?

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    I'm not sure if it would help, but there is a build session New techniques to develop low-latency network apps.


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