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View Thread: Replacing HDD with SSD under Windows 8 ?
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    I am considering replacing my brothers hard-drive with an SSD to give his system a boost in performance. I want to keep everything as it is, but I might have a few problems. His HD might also be faulty, as his computer can take several attempts to get it to boot into windows, or even to get to the post screen.

    Problem 1 : How do you do a backup like Windows 7 has that creates an image? Is that feature present in Windows 8?

    Problem 2: I don't have Windows 8 media to boot off of, though I did create an iso file during the setup / install process.

    I still have a Windows 7 available that I can boot into on a partition on the computer that I might be able to use to create the image. I then should be able to boot off of a Windows 7 disk and use the system image to restore everything back onto the new SSD.

    There is also a kit that some SSD drives provide that has the software to allow you to copy the old disk to the new disk as a possible solution that I have read about.

    The old drive is 120 GB I think, so I will probably get a 120GB SSD as its replacement.

    What would the Windows 8 only solution be to doing what I want to do?