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View Thread: Respecting Explorer's Heritage
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    ,Ray7 wrote

    TechCrunch doesn't care much for the Windows8 Explorer, and says so. Diatribe aside, the writer does make one interesting point: having run pretty much in parallel when developing the user experience,  Apple and Microsoft are now diverging. Microsoft is sticking with the file-centric view, while Cupertino is going for a more task-centric future where 'files' are no longer relevant.

    To be clear, it's not that TechCrunch does't like Win8 Explorer -- they don't like anything from Microsoft.  In particular MG Siegler doesn't.  He's on par with John Gruber as an Apple fanboy (John Gruber though being the much better writer).

    In my view MS is doing the right thing.  There are really fundamentally different things you do at work versus when you're mobile versus when you're on the couch.  Apple seems to want to shove everything into iOS.  In any case, I think this is all a win for the consumer.