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Retail Services in Azure

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    Azure has already proven to be the best backend services for many business process

    eg: Notification Hub, Analytics, API, batch processing etc

    Im currently using azure after moving from aws for my retail chain company

    i have some suggestions and wishes...

    General Services:

    1. Notification Hub should support Text Message gateway
    2. Geo Location API
    3. Short Url service
    4. Publish to social network service
    5.  sendy + ses like bulk email service

    Retail Services:

    1. Order Management System [Realtime]
    2. Product Inventory Management System [Realtime]
    3. Wallet/Banking Payment Interface System
    4. Customer Behaviour Analytics System 
    5. Rule Based Promotion Engine

    All these can be built by the developers itself but if azure has some sort of minimal offerings as micro cloud apps which can be extended further it would be a compelling reason to switch to azure

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    see, this is why Azure should have Retail Services


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