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    In reading the article completely it underscores my concerns with the "new Microsoft" and the directions they went with a "devices" OS. While Microsoft fanbois will excuse the issues with RT and the hardware and the apps and the... you get the idea; the fact remains this poor out-of-box experience is too little too late -- especially with their own software like Word. ARM is just too underpowered for Windows. They should have release the Courier and/or WP7 tablet edition long ago to at least give the Windows RT effort some time to mature before kicking WP7(CE) to the curb. They could have kept the WPF/SL dream alive a little longer to boot. They needed to hit a home run here but instead it looks like they bunted -- just like the Zune and WP7 before it. Sure it's early for calling Windows RT a failure but when there is so much low hanging fruit for trolls on Microsoft's "premium" tablet the tea leaves aren't that hard to read.

    I'm glad Microsoft is hedging its bets by coming out with Office for iOS and Android. If they can extend services (Azure and everything on it such as SkyDrive) to all devices regardless of OS then they have a chance to stay relevant. They've always been great on the backend and with productivity tools. Let's hope down the stretch that they double down on those aspects of the business and provide us developers with tools to help us bridge the divide of the heterogeneous device world they helped create with their failures to keep Windows and the PC relevant.