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    , fanbaby wrote

    • I like windows 8, it's stable, it gets me faster to the web, it runs stuff, what else do I need
    • Tomorrow, or the day after that, Intel will come up with chips that are x86 compatible, draw less power then ARM, and has x10 the performance. Then win8 tablets will be attractive.

    Interesting. I am noticing that lots of Linux aficionados really seem to like (love?) Windows 8..

    Shocked at how good it is- From a Linux/Open Source fanboy (amazon review)

    Brian Lunduke (Linux Fanboi): Windows 8 is awesome... ...Earlier this week I installed the final version of Windows 8.  And it is awesome.

    That's not a joke.  Windows 8 is absolutely, unequivocally stellar.

    It boots fast, looks great and, right out of the gate, fully supports every bell and whistle on my laptop (including the touch screen).  Applications launch faster, and are generally more responsive, than I have ever seen on this piece of hardware.  Hell, I even like the copy file dialog.

    I kid you not, the copy file progress dialog in Windows 8 is a thing of beauty.  If you haven't seen it in action, and you are a fan of cool user interfaces, you owe it to yourself.  To say I am impressed with what the team at Microsoft has accomplished would be a massive understatement.

    What's up? No other Windows received such accolades from that direction..

    Edit November 19: Yes, "DestroyerOfFanboys" is me..