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    @JoshRoss: What the holy hell are you even talking about? So Microsoft released a device into the consumer market, a consumer purchased it, found several very valid problems and now it is his fault for not being better qualified? And how does being better qualified/a pro even fix any of them?   

    Also you accuse him of trying to "profit" from the issues while at the same time agreeing that all the issues are completely valid complaints? Make up your mind. Either they are or they aren't and he is just trying to get clicks. 

    That is one of the worst posts I've ever seen trying to defend a product. It isn't just an unreasonable defence but it is so far gone it is literally beyond my being able to comprehend how your brain could come up with the "he isn't a developer so the fact that Word doesn't save is HIS fault. He isn't a tech-journalist so it is HIS fault that Word is slower than his typing speed."

    Seriously, I really hope you're trolling.  

    The only reason why this guy bought this was so he could film it, post it to youtube and then profit. If you are not a developer or journalist, then you wouldn't have ever bought one of these.

    These shouldn't have been offered to anyone without a MSDN account or press credentials. With the nonexistence of information available during pre-order, I have to imaging that it would be impossible to call fraud. You would need some idea of what you were getting and then not get it.

    But hey, we're talking about it. There is a school that says any PR is good PR.