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    Would appreciate constructive criticism from anyone with Windows 8 and a moment ...





    BTW Its basically a big marquee control - target market is:


    1. Corporate - basically just a portable sign or maybe large screen notice board where there is a large audience?

    2. Teens with really portable WinRT devices - sending messages across the room / disco / bar / sports hall?

    3. The quotations bit came from a desire to teach my kids through osmosis - when (if) they get WINRT devices for XMAS(!) I might set the quotations scrolling when I put them to bed and encourage them to fall asleep to them? Silly idea?

    Logical progression from (3) is to add alphabet, tables etc. - maybe next version?


    Fingers crossed then .....

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    I could see #1, but not #2 or #3. Good luck!

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    That's OK I guess, I put it in the 'business apps' category so we will se how we go!


    Thanks for taking the trouble to feedback.




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    Sven Groot

    I think it's way too expensive for a glorified <marquee> element.

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    @Sven Groot:OK, thanks for taking a look, I have now made it free for you, also changed the name to 'presentation assistant'.  (Update is currently going through Microsoft QA testing with a few other bits and pieces added).  Also moved category as hardly anybody bothered to download the trial from "business"

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    Interesting app concept.

    1) Yeah, a bit pricey. This should be $1.99 at the most.

    2) Get rid of the Comic Sans. Use Segoe UI. Edit: I noticed it's a font choice. I'd remove the ability to choose Comic Sans. It won't help anyone Smiley

    3) God Ian....hire a designer. Or at least read the Designing UX for apps from Microsoft.

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    @Harlequin:Thanks, yes, I'm not happy with the design (of the edit screen especially)  but it will improve over time.

    I'm afraid I was just rebelling against the "don't use Comic Sans" regime.  It looks fine in this context (but as you say, there are other choices).


    Thanks for taking the trouble to look and feedback.

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