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    @Ian2:No, SSRS does not have the ability to connect to REST  web services, the connection types are available here (look at the menu on the left)

    I have just had to create a hybrid MVC/Webforms websitewhere we load the ASP.NET reporting control in an IFrame as there are no JavaScript based reporting components in SQL server, though I believe SQL 2016 will add better mobile support. SQL reporting 2016 will be the first real update since SQL 2008, that is how slowly things move in SSRS, I think we may get these features in SQL 2020




    SQL 2016 SSRS  has some really nice mobile report options and KPI reporting options that can make a nice dashboard of charts and graphs for executives.

    *IF* you do not need the interactive view and you want a report retuned  you can call the report server api to render a pdf directly if you want that.

    i have a web api call that calls ssrs and returns a pdf to my front end, if you want some info on how to do that with 2016 i can help you out.

    also i think the interactive ui can be accessed with a bit of work w/o the server controll.

    the server controll mostly calls back to the soap api to do the work.