Passwords suck; if they're short, they're insecure; if they're long, they're hard to remember; if they're hard to remember one is inclined to write them down thus making them insecure; full circle.

One solution is to use password phrases but they have a poor user-experience; no-one enjoys entering long passwords on a mobile device, or anywhere else for that matter.


I imagine a simple device with these properties:

  • compact (credit-card sized; fits in wallet)
  • independent (does not, cannot and need not connect to another computer to operate)
  • does not depend on user memory
  • biometrically authenticated (probably thumbprint)
  • driven by one or more of: chemical energy (battery), kinetic energy, solar energy

Does such a device (product) exist?

No such security is typically needed but it would be kind of cool to have such a device.