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View Thread: Screen/Resolution Issue - Urgent
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    That sounds like your PC is changing the resolution it kicks out to the monitor when you load the game. If you can get into the games menu system you should check what the graphics settings are in there (they will almost certainly be different to the Windows ones). Try changing those. Try running the game with various compatibility settings (right click, properties). You should be able to limit the resolution from there to at least browse the game's menu. Also check the run "normal window" option (under shortcut). Else try reinstalling the game and see if it starts working.

    If you can't get the PC booting at any time due to this issue start it in safe mode (press F8 at the right point during start up, Google it) and change the screen res back.

    I think I was going to suggest something else, but I seem to have forgotten what while typing the above... I'll post back if I remember what it was...