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Secure Office Instant Messenger

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    We are a small business with 20 people. I need a secure office messenger because I don't want to allow our employees to chat on free public messenger. I found these office messengers (SSL based)

    • CDMessenger
    • Bigantsoft

    Do you recommend any other? If you have used any SSL based office messenger, please share with me. Its urgent.





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    @jinx101:  Lync via Office365, no management other than adding user accounts

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    Private IRC server with SSL enabled. See: Comparison of Internet Relay Chat daemons

    I've set up UnrealIrcd in the past. It's quite powerful as far as ircds go. One of the great things about IRC is a well understood, open protocol. IRC can scale to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of users without any real management issue as well and it consumes little system resources, and supports "federation" type setups and the like for scaling out. But it should also be fine for a 20 man shop. Smiley

    Another option is a XMPP server. See: Comparison of XMPP server software. Notable one in this area is ejabberd, but haven't set it up before.

    XMPP is a newer protocol, formally known as Jabber. Unlike IRC it was designed from the start to be extendable. It supports live voice/video chat management and more. It is the foundation to some public IM services as well.

    A good client for both (also supporting SSL) is Pidgin. It is crossplatform desktop software, running on all major OSes - not just Windows. Because both XMPP and IRC are well documented Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards, there are numerous clients available from many vendors in just about every mobile store obscure or mainstream.

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