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    , magicalclick wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: yeah, I am not sure how Office 365 has anything to do with WP. But imo, WP naturally cannot do fso and domain db, thus, doing VBA on those is impossible. I am not sure if this is why they don't support VBA to avoid confusion in what can be done using VBA.

    I've built data collection spreadsheets in the past that contain macros but the macros were only used on the desktop after the data was collected. Fortunately the collectors were using laptops so there was no issue. Ideally some would have preferred a mobile device like a phone. In that case the spreadsheet would be read-only on the phone even though all the user needs to do is enter data. I hope they allow this someday for quick & dirty mobile data collection without having to split-up the spreadsheet into two workbooks. I'm curious how the Office mobile competitor apps handle this? If I have some time I'll run some tests.