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    , evildictait​or wrote


    I was just saying that VBA macros in the browser are hard to implement and would have lots of problems.

    You need to stop taking everything people say so personally.

    Also; for the record, I'm pretty sure I've never actually called you a troll, although you've accused me of doing so several times now.

    Anyway, I don't want another thread to get derailed. Let's get back on topic.

    I'm not taking things personally. I'm just pointing out the ongoing "misunderstandings" that folks like kettch and yourself make in order to diminish the possibility that there is an issue in the first place. You can claim troll badging innocence all you want but it's pretty obvious you're willing to infer it. That's the same tact Fox News uses with their "Some People Say" technique. Honestly I could care less if you take a thread negative by skewing context but you certainly have to be willing to take what you give. So on to today's lesson...

    It was pretty clear that cheong wasn't talking about the desktop version of office nor some difference between them:

    cheong wrote

    Missed this thread...

    The problem I'm facing is that, in WP version of Office 2013, if the workbook contains VBA, all cells there will be automatically treated as read-only.

    The is known limitation in their FAQ section.

    Yet you responded as if he had:

    I corrected you in order to keep the issue on-topic:

    DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    I believe he was talking about the Windows Phone and Web editions and not the desktop products. WP & Web don't support macros.

    And instead of a post stating "oh yeah, my bad" you and kettch move on to my latter post:

    DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    I've built data collection spreadsheets in the past that contain macros but the macros were only used on the desktop after the data was collected. Fortunately the collectors were using laptops so there was no issue. Ideally some would have preferred a mobile device like a phone. In that case the spreadsheet would be read-only on the phone even though all the user needs to do is enter data. I hope they allow this someday for quick & dirty mobile data collection without having to split-up the spreadsheet into two workbooks. I'm curious how the Office mobile competitor apps handle this? If I have some time I'll run some tests.

    And "misunderstood" it as if I meant for the macros to be executable on the web and/or WP:

    kettch wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Macros in a browser are a bad idea. Do you really want Word macro virii running amok in your browser? Do you want poorly written macros sucking battery and performance from your mobile device?

    Aside from that, there are insane technical problems in porting a very specific execution environment and object model to run in a browser and/or on a mobile device.

    If data collection is that important, then you need to use an app. Macros are probably the worst possible solution.

    evildictait​or wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: How would you expect web-browser-based Office apps to cope with VBA macros that do things like interact with the FileSystemObject, or do WScript.Shell.Exec("malware.exe") ?

    The only way I can see it working is insisting that users of the web-browser based Office app install an ActiveX component to run those VBA macros, but that sounds like it would be ( a) painful, (b) undermine a lot of the point of having an online product, (c) give Microsoft critics something different to complain about and (d) probably introduce all sorts of extra complexity, security problems and so on, all just so that VBA macros work in the web when you could instead just use Office 2013, connect to 365 and get the VBA macros through that instead.

    So there may be no more "misunderstandings" let me be clear:

    1. Macros, VBA, and the like only run the desktop.
    2. Macros, VBA, and the like are suspended on the WP and web versions but allow for data entry.
    3. Typically the macros I write are tied to shortcut keys and run on demand on the desktop version.
    4. I could care less if the WP and web version support macros

    Therefore in my case the issues you and kettch have brought up are out of scope and moot.