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    My problem with macros in Office/Corel has always been the same: Nobody ever knows when to stop.

    One of my projects is to help in figuring out how to replace hundreds of WordPerfect macros that do nothing more than pop dialogs to walk people through filling out a form. Their initial solution was to port them to Word, and then write a Word add-in that parsed the document template for fields and did throw the same dialogs. That's a solution for <10 forms. More than that and you really should buy a forms product.

    Think about how many people go to an Excel or Access class, and the next thing you know they are running their business off of a flakey half baked amateur-hour ERP system. Maybe that works in some cases. It gets worse in an enterprise where there are all kinds of automation going on that should really be done somewhere else. However, it's all IT's fault when it breaks.

    As far as Access goes, there already is a website that does what Access does. You can upload an Access database to Office 365 and have it run as a web application. I know that's not quite what you meant, but I've never heard of a web application that let people build horridly crude and ugly abominations that are banned by the Geneva Conventions. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have vendors in certain vertical markets (medicine, law enforcement) who have made a fortune selling Access databases. Yeah, just because a retired doctor or cop can extrude an Access application with a better understanding of their business, doesn't make it ok for them to actually sell it.

    Office 2013 supports a HTML5/JavaScript based add-in model, and that's probably the way to go forward. Especially since it probably gives them the ability to enable these apps and automations to un in the browser in the future.