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    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    Great. We should never discuss anything Microsoft missed, features we'd like to see, or directions that Microsoft took or appears to be taking because in the end it takes time, money, and resources. That should cut down a whole lot of threads here -- like maybe most of them.
    Remember folks; Shhhhh... don't talk about that kind of stuff because it takes time, money, and resources. And even if you think you've got a good idea or think Microsoft got it wrong just remember one thing: you are wrong.

    No, by all means, continue screaming loudly from every available thread how badly microsoft sucks and how this is just one more indignation through which you must steadfastly persevere.  

    I'll try to avoid remembering that a healthy population of those 4 folks didn't even frikking know about it until this thread.

    Carry on, brave soldier.