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    , kettch wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Macros in a browser are a bad idea. Do you really want Word macro virii running amok in your browser? Do you want poorly written macros sucking battery and performance from your mobile device?

    Aside from that, there are insane technical problems in porting a very specific execution environment and object model to run in a browser and/or on a mobile device.

    If data collection is that important, then you need to use an app. Macros are probably the worst possible solution.

    I'm not sure where all of this came from since I said:

    but the macros were only used on the desktop after the data was collected.

    Sounds to me you're just trying to make me out as a crazy troll. Nice try.

    IMO, WP and the web versions should allow the spreadsheet containing macros to be edited but the macros are dormant. 

    , magicalclick wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: I would setup a simple Skydrive enabled data entry spreadsheet. And have VBA spreadsheet on PC to grab the data from SkyDrive folder.

    While that would be a nice solution it was more than what I had time for.