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    I realize you're not a big fan of web technology. I don't think web technology is perfect, but it is worth looking on the positives and the negatives. The combination of simplicity, ease of access, openness, security, marketshare, etc. etc. the web is often the best solution for exposing a user interface to your applications.

    Also I don't think it's productive to linger too much in "it's not perfect enough" territory. As much as I think the English language is completely and utterly broken (and there are far better designed natural languages), I'm still using it because that's the best way to "interoperate" with people on this forum. I tend to look at technology stacks in the same fashion, as much as I enjoy Erlang, it's not realistic to rewrite a 1 million line codebase in it because I don't like how JavaScript's faux-equality operator works in corner cases.

    I personally haven't been actively seeking web development work, nor have I specifically trained for it. But it seems to be what the people who pay me want. It's always either "write a web app" or "convert this thick-client thing some random guy made 10 years ago into a web app" for me. I did so some thing with Winforms/C# a a few years back, but that was only because the project manager decided it would be difficult to do using web technology (probably not the case any more, with the latest advancements on the web).

    In the end of the day the market decides technology choices. Not dictators. Smiley