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    , evildictait​or wrote


    And secondly, the whole point of development is abstraction. Instead of writing HTML, write wrapper classes that write the HTML for you. That way after a while you won't have to write HTML anymore. You just interact with the classes you've written.


    Agreed, "For the most time".

    The problem of abstraction is that, whenever the wrapper has bug, or being too helpful to add unwanted code that breaks your code (maybe interfering with another library you use), unless it's opensource, you'd have no way to fix it.

    And no, no web developer should ever allow to skip Javascript classes. Even the most fine-tuned sever-side library I know for now requires you to put javascript code here-and-there if you want to do anything beyond "basic" level. So the "You just interact with the classes you've written." part is questionable for web development.