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SharePoint 2013 Document - Most Popular Items

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    Hi, I am just working on SharePoint 2013, but I have a problem.

    When I go to Document and click on Most Popular Items button in the Ribbons, my files appears with Recent = 0 and Ever = 0.

    Then I after accessed my files, still both Recent and Ever is 0. What should I do to make the files 'Recent' and 'Ever' to counter(+1) for each time access to a particular file?



    P/S: A SharePoint 2013 newbie

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    Best to go here to the actual SharePoint forums...


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    This top reports page looks like it's showing results from SharePoint Search. My guess is you need search configured and crawling regularly to get meaningful numbers from it.

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    What should or how should I configure the search? I have done the crawling and access the files/documents again, but the Recent and Ever is still 0.

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