I want to get into SharePoint Development but obviously my current company or any other company is not going to hire me for this due to lack of experience.

How can I do SharePoint Development on my own?

I have Visual Studio 2010, SharePoint Developer 2010, etc. but I do not have a SharePoint Server to use...

Is their something on the cloud that I can connect too for development? Maybe something I pay for?

I have a copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 that I can install on a Virtual Machine or perhaps dual boot my laptop. But I am not sure how exactly to go about installing SharePoint Server after that?

I tried reading through things like SharePoint EasyScript but no luck...

Basically... I am a student, who is working for a company, I want to get into SharePoint Development but I have no SharePoint Server to do so with. I need an online service or instructions to set up my own SharePoint Server.