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View Thread: Should I place my WP7 phone away from my router?
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    I replaced my iPhone 4 screen for the second time at the weekend.

    When I took it apart I realised that I might not have replaced every screw last time I opened it up.  This may have been the cause of my native camera app not working anymore (although a third party app worked) Also my headphones remote stopped working.

    Anyway after putting it all back together again I realised I have failed to replace a small piece of metal which I seem to remember came from where the battery connects to the motherboard.

    It seemed so small and insignificant and I had already spent a couple of hours on it, I threw it in the bin.

    Well the consequence is that now unless I am about 12  inches away from the wireless router I am unable to get a signal.  

    I'm guessing this may be to do with battery interference of some sort. I am also now worried about brain tumours, and I can't keep the phone in my jeans pocket anymore.

    Oh well, roll on the iPhone 5