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Should Microsoft invite this guy to their next language conference?

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    Now if you had such games programming language and the jrebel style then you could have something that's way ahead of anything else when it comes to new engine development.

    (I wish he explicitly mentioned it was compatible with existing libraries as now I just have to assume it is)


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    Blue Ink

    No, because Bjarne Stroustrup could frown hard enough to cause a minor earthquake.

    Seriously, I only made it to half of the second video and then had to give up; maybe that's what the game industry considers top-notch programming, but at that point we should add triple-A games to stuff you better not see how it's made (along with sausage and laws).


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    Damn it would have been so entertaining ...


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    Really nice talk about managing without burning out through a very long project (years) and staying creative as designer.


    People only know Braid and The Witness but from some of the reviews and comments I found on the earlier games he mentions and it sounds the players really loved them but the gfx are 1995'ish 3D and they were online games - so things like Quake/Battlefield obviously got the  most attention. First I ever heard of those games he mentions.

    He mentions that Witness started 7 years ago with one other person in for 6 years and most others in for 4 years.

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