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View Thread: Silicon Valley is just...balls to the wall
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    Seems like Bravo wants to be a part of the bubble..

    They're apparently doing a reality tv show on Silicon Valley to dive into the lives of "some" grads working at startups and the "issues" they face day to day. As usual with reality tv shows, it's a faithfully accurate portrayal of the target region and demographic and should win almost every award ever created for this very reason.

    (Link to non-YT trailer)



    "When Bravo was on Craigslist looking for talent it placed emphasis on characters with a quote 'Secret wild-side'"


    I think this is an insult to 1.) the actual geeks who work nonstop to get their ideas off the ground and 2.) the legitimate firms in SV that do create value. Even if it's not meant to be a documentary, as Randi Zuckerberg claims, it's still a misrepresentation of a region. It's no different from clothing ads that only portray white, lean and fit models wearing their line. People might look at that and think poorly of themselves because they don't match the demographic, which I think is just plain wrong.


    What do you guys think?