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View Thread: Silverlight for Desktop Application => Codename Jupiter ???
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    Paul Thurrot and Mary Jo are talking about a 'Jupiter' thing which is surpposed to be a new application model for Windows 8. based on Silverlight, packaged in an 'appx' file, can be sold in an ' Windows Marketplace', and can be developed in C#/VB/C++, sound like a Silverlight for Desktop Application, or even Silverlight/WPF unified thing to me.

    Interesting !

    Considering Silverlight 5 has P/Invoke capabilities, and set to be released in the end of 2011, its very likely. maybe Silverlight will be the standard desktop application technology for Windows in the future ?

    and Jupiter is the 5th planet, maybe its the codename for Silverlight 5 ? .... or .NET 5 ?