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View Thread: Silverlight for Desktop Application => Codename Jupiter ???
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    Funny, I've been saying that this is the way to go for quite a while now. The idea has mostly been shot down though, but I guess other people also think it has potential.

    Although, one thing I believe it must have is proper pen support in addition to capacitive multitouch. That is one area where the iPad can't compete, and there are many types of applications that can only work with a real stylus (meaning a stylus that has 255 levels of pressure sensitivity, right-click button on stylus, eraser on other end, no interference from your hand resting on the screen while writing/drawing, a sharp tip like a real pen - not like those after-market fat-tipped things that pass as a stylus for the iPad, etc).

    My Asus R1F convertible tablet is almost 4 years old now and an iPad isn't nearly as versatile as this is. A real tablet + OneNote is pretty amazing. And no, I have never once lost the stylus.