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View Thread: Silverlight 3D Cross platform..... Ideas?
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    It's just plain frustrating.

    Back when the app was started, Silverlight had a good future, everything looked rosy, I could easily port my .Net skills to SL, and so that's the platform we chose.


    Then came Silverlight 5, and all of a sudden the platform independence was gone, along with some reliability (MultiScaleImage crashes when I use SL5, in SL4 it's just fine), so as it is, my app is stuck at SL4.

    Kinda between a rock and a hard place, because there is just too much time invested in this app to go for a re-write in Flash for instance.


    Awesome move, MS.


    On the plus, I have found a Silverlight project that emulates the HTML5 Canvas, so I might be able to run WebGL on that.... will investigate and feed back.