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View Thread: Silverlight 3D Cross platform..... Ideas?
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    , TexasToast wrote

    @fanbaby:Go learn HTML/CSS/JavaScript (you don't even need HTML5 and CSS3 for most scenarios), it's a big and confusing task, and getting more 'interesting' every day with new tools/libs/environments, but you will not waste your time and development $$ like you did with SL.

    Yes go ahead and learn that.   Start learning on how to steer a horse and buggy too.  

    Sorry,  but just because browsers like HTML and we keep trying to get browsers to do more does not mean the future of software programming will go this way.   This is a blip and cooler and smarter heads will prevail.   Microsoft has alot of internal strife on how it wants to move ahead and right now it has not figured it out yet.   But  HTML/JavaScript is not the future of application development.

    well just think about this: no matter what we think html and js just keep on gettign used a whole lot.

    i am no fan of much of what JS is and i see a zillion problems but they just have not died and it looks like they will keep getting used for stuff that might be better in a "real app" but they do it in js and html anyway....   just some food for thought.