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View Thread: Silverlight 3D Cross platform..... Ideas?
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    @jh71283: Looking at the Silverlight blog, all posts are now pointing you to Windows 8 Metro WTF?

    Would someone from the Silverlight team explain WhyTF (WTF) they are continuously blogging about something that is completely unrelated to Silverlight?

    This is a sure sign that the nails have been hammered firmly into the Silverlight coffin, had they continued to pour resources as they said their would you would not be in the position you are in where like Windows Phone 7, developers are supporting Microsoft software that is less than two years old that is already obsolescent.

    I needed to write a Lightswitch type application a month or so ago, but would not touch it with a bargepole, so went with something else. One of the key technologies in Visual Studio 2012 is already dead in the water.